Thank you for choosing Treat Nail Spa!

We know that everyone has their own schedule to juggle, but to ensure that you receive the best service, New Clients are required to fill out a quick information form.  If you will be in a rush before your visit, you can print and bring the already completed form! 

Spa Policies

Appointment Time

Your appointment begins AT your appointment time.  Please arrive early if you need more time picking colors, we have hundreds of colors to choose from!


Scheduled appointments have a strict 10-minute grace period.  Any clients arriving after their scheduled appointment time will be placed on “Walk In” Status- you will be served on a first-come, first-serve basis, behind anyone else who is already waiting.

Please note that your late arrival will determine the length of your treatment and you will be responsible for full service fee. Your service will end accordingly so that the next guest is not delayed.


Please schedule your appointments correctly.  We can only guarantee that you receive the service you are scheduled for.  If you must change your services/add-on services, please call us so we can make sure to fit you into the schedule.

For example:  If you are scheduled for a Gel Mani but come to your appointment wanting a full set of acrylics, we reserve the right to decline your appointment if it does not fit into your scheduled time slot.

No Call/No Show

We realize that life has unexpected surprises, and we will try our best to accommodate our clients.

Treat will NOT accept appointments from Clients Who No Call/No Show 2 times within a 3-month period. 

Please understand that we strive to provide the absolute best quality in our services, but, it is impossible to do so with perpetually late clients.  Out of respect for our time, and the time of others, please call if you must reschedule or will be late for your appointment.

Any recurring appointments, or future bookings will also be cancelled in the event of a no-call/no-show.
We reserve the right to require a non-refundable deposit on your future appointments.

We have the right to refuse service to anyone.

Staying updated with our latest sales and specials is easy!

Just make sure we have your correct address and email!