Saturday, December 23:
Walk Ins 10-12
Appts 10-1


Monday, December 25:

Tuesday, December 26:

New Years



Monday, January 1:


Tuesday, January 2:


We Now Offer a Diabetic Friendly Pedicure!

Win 2 Seasonal Pedicures!

Ways to Enter:

  • Every Service in December*
  • Every Gift Certificate Purchased in December* 

Will qualify for a ticket!

*Does NOT apply with Punch card Redemptions!
*Service & Gift cards with a minimum of $20 to enter.

Full set & Fills By Appointment ONLY

This Applies to Fake Nail Fills ONLY:
“Hard Gel”
“UV Gel”

Beginning August 1, 2017
There will be an

$10 charge

For Fake Nail Fills That are actually MMA.

*Unfortunately, We will NOT know if it is MMA until we begin to Drill the Acrylic off. 

MMA is a cheap, medical grade cement that some salons still use.  This product is banned in Wisconsin.  The additional charge is for the damage it does to our power drills, as well as the additional time it takes to work with cement.  Your technician will guide you in how to handle MMA in the future.


The cost of a full Soak-Off removal of MMA is $35. 

Please note, this is NOT advised if you have a new set of MMA on.


Princess Rewards

(13 year and younger):

Earn a punch for every visit!  

10th visit gets you 50% off 1 service!

Fully punched cards are entered into a drawing for Treat prizes!

Treat Rewards

(For those who are 14 years- Ageless Perfection):

Earn a punch for every visit with a service total of $20 or more.

On the 11th visit, receive a FREE Gel Mani or Deluxe Pedi!

Fully punched cards are entered into a drawing for Treat prizes!

We have Gift Certificates!

*Can be purchased in-store or called in with an additional $.50 Postage fee!

Walk-Ins Welcome, Appointments Highly Recommended