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We do not guarantee Regular Polish services.

If you have weak nails that do not grow well, or peeling nails, we do not suggest Acrylic/fake nails as an interim.  Fake nails will prematurely lift on weak nails because they do not make a strong enough foundation, therefore causing more damage to your natural nails. 

At home treatment suggestions are to use cuticle oil regularly to maintain flexible nails and minimize brittleness, as well as consistently moisturizing.  A bi-weekly sugar scrub will also help maintain the health of your skin and cuticles, as well as a brush on Nail Strengthener.  These items can be purchased at Treat, but please use whatever products that will help keep your regimen consistent :)

Treat offers IBX as a nail strengthening service.  IBX is a protein treatment that is cured in your nail.  It creates strength by bonding with itself and filling the gaps in your natural nail, thus creating a thicker and stronger nail.  IBX can go under any nail service, it is invisible.  What is the catch?  Consistency.  The average client needs 5-6 treatments, with a possible touch up each winter- our body sends less energy to our nails in the winter since we do not need them to survive the cold, I know, it's completely unfair.  Peeling nails are the most stubborn and difficult to stop, clients with peeling nails need to come in every time the nail begins to peel, this way, your technician can fuse the layers together and keep the tips thicker and stronger.

Please feel free to call or email to speak to a technician about your nails and the healthiest options for them :) 

We do not guarantee nail services on children or adolescents due to the constant fluctuations in hormones which affect oil production and the flexibility and thinning of the nail plate.  Please note, that in general, nail services won't last as long on children and adolescents as it does on adults.  This includes,regular polish, gel polish, and acrylic or hard gel.

PLEASE READ OUR News Section if you are a NEW Client & looking for an Acrylic/Hard Gel/UV Gel Fill!

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Appointments are REQUIRED for Nail Art/Designs.  
Please Schedule your Service "With Nail Art."

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